Ashana Sings “Ong Namo”

Ashana sings the Kundalini invocation mantra Ong Namo while playing many crystal alchemy singing bowls live at Sat Nam Fest West 2014.

Ashana Playing Crystal Singing Bowls on Mt. Shasta

For a few minutes during filming the Global Sadhana “The Illuminated Path” videos, Ashana played the crystal singing bowls for us so we could relax. Under the powerful gaze of Mt. Shasta, Ramdesh Kaur began to meditate quietly to hold space. It was all captured on film…

Ashana – The Infinite Heart

The Infinite Heart” — the new CD from ASHANA
Ashana shares about the mantras, songs and music from her latest CD, “The Infinite Heart” in a beautiful video featuring the music.

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation with Ashana

The transcendent sounds of alchemy crystal singing bowls played by Ashana, one of the world’s most beloved crystal bowls artists of our time.

Ashana & Thomas Barquee “Into Your Arms”

Ashana & Thomas Barquee performing “into Your Arms”.
An exquisite live version of this beautiful song of love and devotion, from the CD “All Is Forgiven” by Ashana. Featuring Ashana’s angelic vocals and crystal singing bowls, with Thomas Barquee’s inspired keyboards and vocals.

“Inner Landscapes” & “When All Is Forgiven”

Joanne Chilton created a beautiful video called “Inner Landscapes” using imagery of 5 different artists, set to the song “When All Is Forgiven”. It is so healing, so tender and gentle. I hope it touches your heart as much as it has mine.

“Ashana with Sigrid Van Heerwaarden: A session from the Soul Mastery Retreat – 2/13/2020”

“Ashana with Rachel Jayne Groover: Sound Healing – 3/2020”

“Beats of Bhakti Sound Wisdom Interview with Ashana – 4/2020”