Celestial Sleep

Celestial Sleep

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  • CELESTIAL SLEEP blends Exquisite Artistic Beauty, Sound Healing, and Gentle Hypnotic Suggestions to Create a Revolutionary Sleep Solution. The guiding light behind CELESTIAL SLEEP is the artistic brilliance of two world-class healing sound artists: ASHANA and Thomas Barquee. For the last 15 years, they have given the world the most beloved healing music with crystal singing bowls ever created. This unparalleled fusion of musical artistry and healing sound sets the benchmark for recordings with crystal bowls. CELESTIAL SLEEP is designed to reduce, relieve, and restore the nervous system to optimal states of relaxation through vibrational healing with crystalline sound.

    Included in the CELESTIAL SLEEP full digital download:

    • CELESTIAL SLEEP 78 minute MP3
    • CELESTIAL SLEEP 78 minute WAV
    • CELESTIAL SLEEP On The Go (20 minute MP3)
    • Bonus inspirational sleep affirmation digital wallpapers (PDF format)


    If you want to maximize the healing benefits from this recording, we encourage you to purchase the Celestial Sleep Package with MP3 plus CD Quality WAV file. Please be aware that wav. files are significantly larger than the standard compressed mp3 files. The wav. file is the highest sound quality we have available for this recording and because of this, the size of the file is very large (1.45GB). We recommend you only choose this package if you have high speed internet with download speeds above 35 mbps so that you do not experience difficulty with obtaining the files.
    If you do not have high speed internet or do not want the CD quality wav. file, we encourage you to choose the Celestial Sleep Package with MP3 only option. This is a smaller file size and will download easily for all internet speeds. Please be assured that you will experience all the healing benefits of the recording with your mp3!

  • Artist Ashana
  • SKU: celestialsleep

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