Crystalline Activation for Healing and Manifestation (with James Kawainui)

A Healing Immersion of Sacred Sound, Light and Ancestral Vibrations

In this Crystalline Activation with master crystal bowl artist & teacher, Ashana and Native Hawaiian Healer James Kawainui, you will go on a divine journey with your soul. Weaving together the sacred sound currents of crystal singing bowls and mantra with the ancient wisdom of the ancestors, this high frequency karmic clearing facilitates the release of core patterns and sub-conscious beliefs that no longer serve you. As the sacred sounds reverberate through every cell and fiber of your being, James gently works with each participant to help clear blockages held within the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. The alchemical fusion of these profound healing modalities creates an optimal space wherein layers and patterns of crystallized vibrational energies can release and be transformed, gently realigning you with your innate divine blueprint and the consciousness of your Higher Self. In the healing presence of love, our authenticity and vulnerability melt away resistance to change as we rest in the quiet center of loving kindness, acceptance and peace.

To bring the Crystalline Activation to your area: email [email protected] or call 480-447-6412.

The Crystalline Activation is often called “life-changing” by participants, and spontaneous healings have been known to occur. Key to this process are the prayerful  intentions set in this sacred space, creating a profoundly safe and loving container for transformation and change.This is a time for personal reflection, rejuvenation and renewal at the core level. Please bring water, yoga mat and pillows for your comfort. Light refreshments will be served afterwards.

Time: approximately 3.5 hours

“During the Activation Ceremony, we toned with Ashana and the crystal bowls for 2 ½ hours. I totally put my all into that evening and had an out of body experience like I have never had before. I felt like I had been taken to the very deep and grace filled space of Pure Love. No words can describe what happened to me.” a one-way ticket to heaven.”

– Sarah Grace, Reiki Master, Founder of Grace House, Overland Park, KS