Find Your Perfect Match!

a unique custom service to find the PERFECT crystal singing bowls for you!

My clients affectionately call me a “bowl whisperer” because I have a deeply intuitive knowing of how to put people together with their crystal singing bowls.

After almost two decades of playing, listening to, learning from and loving crystal singing bowls I have developed a unique and profoundly healing way of putting together the “right bowls” with their “right person”.

I would love to help you find your Perfect Match!

For most people, navigating the world of Crystal Singing Bowls often feels overwhelming and confusing. Between all the different sizes, kinds, shapes and tones, there are literally hundreds of factors to take into consideration when purchasing your bowl. Not to mention finding a bowl that is absolutely “right” for you in your life — one that feels like a Perfect Match — a bowl that you can truly develop a relationship with for a lifetime.

“Ashana is an angel who guided us to find the set of Bowls that resonates with us and our purpose in life. Her intuition and love during the process made it soft and easy.”

– Luiz & Rita Pontes, Sao Paolo, Brazil

“My experience with Ashana and the alchemy bowls was unforgettable. First, Ashana helped me choose my bowls not with my mind, but with my heart. It was a wonderful experience for me to talk with her by phone and choose the bowls with the energy inspired by our two souls and the energy of the crystal bowls all together. And you know what? When I began playing with the bowls Ashana had chosen for me, it was as if I had known them for a long time. I will never forget it. I could not dream of a better teacher. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart, with all my gratitude for her wonderful work with me. Ashana, every time I begin to play with my bowls, I take a moment and thank you in my heart. Every time I play my bowls I smile, because I feel you are near me.“

– Helene Vallee, La Maison des Cristaux Inc., Québec, Canada

Ashana and a very happy Helene Vallee after purchasing her new bowls
(photo taken at The Crystal Room in Mount Shasta with owner Beverly Wilson)

Imagine having the support of someone who:

  • Is a Master Crystal Bowl Artist and Sound Healer with many years of expert experience who intimately knows and understands the world of crystal bowls;
  • Is committed to personally guiding you through the ins and outs of this unique world;
  • Will devote the necessary time and energy to help you discover the bowl or bowls that are a perfect resonant match for you in a process that is both deeply healing and revealing;
  • Will help you identify the bowls that will inspire, uplift and support you in raising your personal vibration so you can resonate and align more deeply with your intuitive knowingness and your Highest Self.
  • Can give you the instruction you need so you can develop your abilities as a sound healer;
  • Can offer you the guidance you need so you can create more peace and serenity in your life.

I assist people all over the world who trust me to help them find the perfect bowls for them, both together in-person, and from a distance over the telephone, on Skype or in person.

Our work together to find your bowls is deeply healing and transformative. There is a transmission of energy and no matter where you are in the world, whether we are together personally or on opposite sides of the earth, you will experience it. It is not just about finding bowls. It is about bringing in the consciousness of the bowls that are ready to be with you and discovering together the ones that will help you fully express your heart and soul through luminous sound.

This is a very unique way that I was given to find bowls for the people who come to me.

I work directly with Crystal Tones (the makers of these exquisite instruments). I also have the added blessing and benefit of working with one of the largest crystal bowl temples in the Northern Hemisphere, The Crystal Room in Mt. Shasta, California, with whom I have a very long and close relationship. Most of the bowls I find for people are hand selected by me, personally.

“I had the privilege to have a crystalline bowl consultation with Ashana. After spending time on Skype to know more about me and my needs, she hand picked the bowls that were in harmony with my practice and my healing. This consultation was very powerful as we remained spiritually connected after the Skype calls through a series of very vivid dreams I had and where I saw Ashana and the bowls that were coming to me. I then had a 4 day personal training course with Ashana to receive further guidance on how to use the bowls and create a healing space for my practice. It was a powerful, personal, healing experience. I am blessed for the precious teaching I received. Ashana’s style is gentle, and loving. She holds space for you. She helped me find clarity on my mission as a sound healer. I learned a lot and I would definitely recommend her.”

— Joseph Fiannaca, Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer, Kuwait


To learn more about this unique service, I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to help you decide if this is right for you.  Should you choose to purchase your bowls through me, the full in-depth consultation is included in your bowl purchase price.

Thank you so much for your interest in scheduling a free 15-minute crystal singing bowl consultation with me to find your bowl. Please provide your email and phone number and someone will contact you shortly to set up a time for your consultation. Please note that your privacy is extremely important to us and your information absolutely will not be shared with anyone.

I look forward to helping you Find Your Perfect Match!

Many blessings,



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