Crystal Singing Bowl & Healing Voice Mastery
Study & Mentoring

Deepen your knowledge and mastery of the crystal singing bowls and discover your healing voice with Ashana

“This work is priceless. It isn’t just learning how to play crystal singing bowls. It is the experience and opportunity to dive deep within under the guidance of a mentor who has gone through it all. This is a journey of self-discovery and transformation unlike any I have ever experienced — and I have done MUCH healing work over the years. It allowed me to dig out the darkest shadow of myself and give it a voice. I cannot put into words how life-changing that was. I learned more about myself in 3 days than I have in many years of healing and self-discovery combined. If you are thinking about taking the step to change your practice, take it without hesitation because this program will change your life in ways beyond comprehension.”

— Laura Mayhew, sound healing practitioner, Reiki healer, spiritual medium USA

Private Skype Lessons with Ashana

For beginning, intermediate and advanced students

Introductory Lessons for BeginnersLearn simple bowl playing techniques that will quickly get you playing your crystal bowls with ease.  You will also learn essential keys to keeping your bowl safe and protected for years to come as well as instructions on packing your bowl for travel.
Deepen Your Practice
Take your playing to the next level with guidance from Ashana on a specific area of concern. Topics covered can include (but are not limited to): protocols for self-care when playing for others and in groups; increasing the energetic impact of your playing for your own personal healing;  offering sound healing in therapeutic environments; blending vocal sound with the crystal bowls; and more.
Gold Package for MasteryWe make the most progress when we commit to regular practice, guidance and support. The six lesson Gold Package is specifically designed to quickly move you forward on your path in healing sound. Once a month, for six months, you will meet with Ashana to study and learn together, focusing on developing the areas of your passion and interest.

Topics can include but are by no means limited to:

  • intermediate and advanced crystal bowl playing techniques
  • refining your understanding and awareness of vibrational healing to serve individuals and groups
  • developing the use and application of alchemy crystal bowls in therapeutic environments
  • integration of the bowls with healing voice and music
  • and more!

To schedule your Skype Lessons …

send an email to [email protected] or call 480-447-6412.

Private Sound Healing Immersions & Mentoring with Ashana

Imagine where your gifts as a healing practitioner would take you if you studied with a crystal bowl master and sound healing mentor?

  • Do you long to have a deeper understanding of the crystal singing bowls?
  • Are you a sound or energy healer ready to jump to the next level by expanding your skills to dramatically increase the impact of your work?
  • Are you a musician, energy healing practitioner, yoga teacher or coach with a calling to integrate healing sound in your work?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself “burned out” after playing crystal bowls for yourself, your clients or groups of people?
  • Are you feeling called to sing with your crystal bowls but unsure how to create the structure for it?  Do you want to play your bowls with other musicians but you really don’t know how because you’>re “not a musician”?
  • Are you ready to make an extraordinary difference in the world by taking the steps to become a master of sound and vibrational healing?
If you said yes to any or all of these questions, then join Ashana on a sacred journey to discover the powerful beauty of healing sound as you immerse yourself in the transcendent world of the crystal singing bowls.
In this custom, one-on-one mentoring program designed just for your needs, you will be given the tools and support you need to develop the confidence, expertise and awareness to play your bowls and share your healing voice with power, authenticity and love.

  • Learn how to play your bowls in a way that is both grounded and connected to your Higher Self in order to fully integrate the effects of the bowls with your nervous system.
  • Understand how to best care for your bowls in daily use, traveling and challenging situations.
  • Understand the energetics and uses of various kinds of classic frosted and alchemy bowls and refine your way of working with them in therapeutic environments.
  • Refine your bowl playing technique so you can profoundly increase the healing effect your sound has on your clients and audiences.
  • Learn the fundamentals of working with musical intervals in order to clear, balance and expand the energetic field for yourself and your clients.
  • Awaken your authentic, healing voice through toning, mantra and chant to increase your personal expression, self-confidence, freedom and joy .
  • Develop your skills and expand your sound healing practice with a teacher who is committed to supporting you in being the fullest expression of your Divine Self through sound.
  • And much, much more!
Options for Study:

  • One on One, personally guided full-day sound immersions in crystal bowl and vocal sound healing with Ashana at her home in Phoenix, AZ (90 minutes south of Sedona)
  • Monthly, 60 minute private Skype lessons to target your unique needs
  • Mentoring in an independent sound healing project with Ashana’s support and guidance.

What Ashana’s students say about mentoring with her:

“I loved the whole experience of being with you, Ashana, and being introduced to the bowls in such a precious and sacred way. I’ve been inspired to play with reverence and beauty which feels like pure resonance. The guidance I have received, instruction and knowledge has been invaluable. It has given me the clarity and impetus to walk the path with an awareness I did not comprehend before meeting you. It has been a transformational experience.”

— Kerry Maloney, MT, Sound Healing Practitioner, Brisbane, Australia

“My experience with Ashana and the alchemy bowls was unforgettable. I could not dream of a better teacher.  I recommend her from the bottom of my heart, with all my gratitude for her wonderful work with me.  Ashana, every time I begin to play with my bowls, I take a moment and thank you in my heart. Every time I play my bowls I smile, because I feel you are near me.“

— Helene Vallee, La Maison des Cristaux Inc., Québec, Canada

“I had a 4 day personal training course with Ashana to receive guidance on how to use the bowls and create a healing space for my practice. It was a powerful, personal, healing experience. I am blessed for the precious teaching I received. Ashana’s style is gentle, and loving. She holds space for you. She helped me find clarity on my mission as a sound healer. I learned so much and highly recommend her mentoring program.”

— Joseph Fiannaca, Yoga Teacher & Sound Healing Practitioner, Kuwait City, Kuwait

“I recently had the honor of experiencing a life transforming sound healing immersion training with Ashana. Ashana created a safe space for me to learn how to play Alchemy bowls while also learning how to using my voice to sing. Her open heart, compassion, and patience assisted me in opening to a new level of healing. My experience working with Ashana gave me the confidence to play the Alchemy bowls and the knowledge of how to energetically care for myself, as well as, clients while I play the bowls. It was a beautiful experience I will always treasure!“

— Karen Salinger, Qero Andean Shaman, Encinitas, CA

You will LOVE this program …

Whether you are a beginner or advanced crystal bowl player OR Whether you are an experienced singer or just thinking about exploring your voice …

Regardless of your background or skills, mentoring with Ashana will challenge & inspire you to fully express the REAL YOU through healing sound.

To find out if this program is for you, complete the form below, email [email protected] or call 480-447-6412 for an appointment to speak with Ashana.


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