Healing is not all peace, love, and light

One of the topics I discuss a lot with my students is that Healing is not all Peace, Love and Light.

Healing is transformation. And for most people, transformation demands gritty, uncomfortable, rubber meets the road, day after day, practice as we learn to accept what’s happening, in the moment, in the now. All the sensations, feelings and vibrations pulsing through us … all the anxiety, worry, pain, discomfort, struggle, frustrations and then some. Saying “YES” to all of it and making the choice not to resist. It is the sadhana of sadhanas. Healing is spiritual practice on steroids.

PRACTICE as we learn to hold ourselves in love.

PRACTICE at showing up for ourselves consistently, day after day.

PRACTICE being patient with our progress … because the healing path is not always fast or the way we want it to look or think it should be.

PRACTICE cultivating persistence and dedicating mind and heart to whatever program we are following to care for our beautiful, precious selves.

We are all healing ourselves, in one way or another. A healing crisis demands we attend to our healing as a priority. And that means calling on all our self-love resources to the best of our abilities, because it’s gonna take time and focused attention. Collectively, we are in a massive healing crisis RIGHT NOW and for most people, it is grueling, challenging work.

Are there moments of Love and Light? Hell yes. Plenty.

Along with moments of a lot that doesn’t seem to even come close.

I wish I could say to everyone “Happy Healing!!!” with a big chirpy grin on my face. I can’t because you’d probably want to smack me. But I will say this …

Good Journey to you, my friend. If you dare to open wide, you will find love in the most stunning and unexpected places and light light light … waiting to be discovered everywhere.

Be brave. Be strong.

This is your time to grow in ways you could never imagine.

This is your time to let what’s been buried in the mud float to the top and be seen in all its messy splendor.

This is your time to be YOU. All of you. No exceptions. The whole enchilada. With every part of you shining like a diamond for all of us to see.

For beautiful healing sounds to guide you towards that magnificent light and to hold you gently in love, visit www.SoundofAshana.com .

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