Ashana’s Favorite Green Juice #musiciannutrition

Ashana’s Favorite Green Juice

Alchemy  Green  Juice  Recipe

We love love love green juices in our house! Playing crystal bowls, singing, teaching, working with amazing clients and doing all the things we do requires a TON of energy and a clear, focused mind. Tired of green smoothies, I accidentally created an amazing alchemy of juice & smoothie that is now a staple in our house. We thought you might enjoy this, too, so here you go!

Health Benefits: Super Alkalizing and filled with lots of yummy stuff to help hydrate, remineralize, detoxify and supercharge the body. 

It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it! You’ll need a juicer AND a great blender like a Vitamix or Nutribullet. We use all organic ingredients, whenever possible. 


In Juicer:
1 head of celery
1 cucumber
2 inch chunk of ginger
1 bunch of fresh cilantro
1 Green Apple (optional if you’d like a sweeter taste)

1 TBSP Spirulina
1 TBSP Bee Pollen
A small handful of dried Dulse (the full leaves, not powdered)
1 Avocado
A handful of spinach or kale or greens of your choice
Additional water or coconut water as needed

Directions: Juice the first 5 ingredients in a juicer. Then add the juice to the blender and add the next 5 ingredients. Blend on high until everything is broken down. Add water or coconut water until you have the consistency you desire. Pour into two glasses. Drink and Enjoy!!!

Makes 2 big glasses or about a quart of juice.

Sending you waves of love and aloha, from my heart to yours!

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